Philosophy of Treatment

Develop a Healthier Way of Thinking

I view therapy as a collaborative process between patient and therapist.  We are a team with a common objective.  When you come in, we will first complete a thorough intake, and then I will put together a treatment plan that meets your individual needs.  During the course of therapy, you and I will work together to help you to achieve your goals.  Along the way you will learn coping skills and develop a healthier way of thinking.  In between sessions, you will practice and implement these strategies in your day to day life.  These "homework assignments" are vitally important for the success of treatment, since they allow you to use them in your daily life.  When you are ready to end therapy, you will take these skills with you and be able to use them independently.

I do a lot of education with my patients, so that everything we do is very transparent.  It is my belief that if people understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it is going to help them, then they will be more likely to engage in treatment, make it a priority in their lives, and benefit more greatly from it.  

I also strive to create a warm, open atmosphere within the therapeutic environment.  I see the therapeutic relationship as accepting and genuine, and develop strong working relationships with my patients.